Is James Ivory married?

Is James Ivory married?

Upon winning the Oscar and BAFTA at the age of 89, Ivory became the oldest-ever winner in any category for both awards....
James Ivory
OccupationFilm director producer screenwriter
Years active1953–present
Partner(s)Ismail Merchant (1961–2005; Merchant's death)

Are Merchant Ivory still making films?

During their time together they made 44 films. The films were for the most part produced by Merchant and directed by Ivory, and 23 of them were scripted by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (1927–2013) in some capacity....Merchant Ivory Productions.
FounderIsmail Merchant James Ivory

Are Merchant and Ivory lovers?

Ivory himself is gay. His relationship with his producing partner Ismail Merchant, which began when they met in the early 60s, lasted until Merchant died during surgery in 2005 at the age of 68.

What was the movie Remains of the Day about?

During the 1930s, James Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) serves as a proper English butler to the doltish Lord Darlington (James Fox). Stevens is so dedicated that he forgoes visiting his father on his deathbed in order to serve, and overlooks Darlington's Nazi sympathies and growing anti-Semitism. Twenty years after his employer's death, Stevens tries to reconnect with Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson), Darlington's head housekeeper, and begins to regret his loyalty to his former master. Quel che resta del giorno/Sinossi del film

Where was the White Countess filmed?

Shanghai Andre Morgan joined the project as executive producer and the film used his studio, Ruddy Morgan's Hweilai Studios in Shanghai, for production and post-production.

Who Wrote screenplay for Remains of the Day?

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Harold Pinter Quel che resta del giorno/Sceneggiatura

Is Call Me By Your Name an a24 film?

Call Me by Your Name (Italian: Chiamami col tuo nome) is a 2017 coming-of-age romantic drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino. Its screenplay, by James Ivory, who also co-produced, is based on the 2007 novel of the same name by André Aciman....Call Me by Your Name (film)
Call Me by Your Name
Box office$41.9 million

Does The Remains of the Day have a happy ending?

Oh, well Stevens and Miss Kenton end up admitting their love for one another and living happily ever after.

Why is Remains of the Day so good?

The Remains of the Day does that most wonderful thing a work of literature can do: it makes you feel you hold a human life in your hands. ... The Remains of the Day is a book about a thwarted life. It's about how class conditioning can turn you into your own worst enemy, making you complicit in your own subservience.

How does the White Countess end?

The approximate realization of her impressionistic images is the final scene where she looks up at the trumpeter during the exodus to Macau with Todd and Sofia, her new family dynamic. The new family prospers after all, as the phoenix prophesied, and they have a Chinese equivalent of a “happily ever after” ending.

What is the movie White Countess about?

In 1930s Shanghai, blind American ex-diplomat Todd Jackson (Ralph Fiennes) is a frequenter of the city's seamy underbelly of nightclubs and gambling houses. Todd is infatuated with Sofia (Natasha Richardson), a once-wealthy countess who has taken to dancing and prostitution in order to support herself. With earnings from a horse race, Todd opens an upscale nightclub to cater to Shanghai's wealthy elite, installing Sofia -- "The White Countess" -- as its hostess and spiritual muse. La contessa bianca/Sinossi del film

What remains of the day rotten tomatoes?

The film has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 42 reviews, with an average rating of 8.46/10.

Why do they call each other by their names?

The film's title alludes to Oliver and Elio's loving pact to call each other by their own names, recognising that, as Guadagnino put it in a Q&A: “The other person makes you beautiful – enlightens you, elevates you.” This idea stems ultimately from Aristotle's views on “true” friendship, but it echoes down the ...

Why did Elio get a nosebleed?

Without a doubt, the most 'controversial' subject of the film is the seven-year age gap between protagonist Elio, portrayed by Timothée Chalamet, and lover Oliver, portrayed by Armie Hammer. Elio's nose bleed, caused by anxiety, was interpreted by some as the character beginning to show symptoms of AIDS.

What is the ending of The Remains of the Day?

At the end of the novel, Miss Kenton admits to Stevens that her life may have turned out better if she had married him. After hearing these words, Stevens is extremely upset. However, he does not tell Miss Kenton—whose married name is Mrs. Benn—how he feels.

What house was used in the movie Remains of the Day?

Dyrham Park was one of the houses used as a filming location for the 1993 Merchant Ivory film The Remains of the Day (others included Badminton House and Powderham Castle).

Is the movie The White Countess a true story?

The Countess' (Natasha Richardson) family included her real-life mother Vanessa Redgrave and aunt Lynn Redgrave.

What remains of the day ending?

At the end of the novel, Miss Kenton admits to Stevens that her life may have turned out better if she had married him. After hearing these words, Stevens is extremely upset. However, he does not tell Miss Kenton—whose married name is Mrs. Benn—how he feels.

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What do couples call each other?

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