Where is Nikka Costa now?

Where is Nikka Costa now?

Costa is currently signed with Stax Records.

How old is Nikka Costa?

49 anni (4 giugno 1972) Nikka Costa/Età

Is Nikka Costa related to Frank Sinatra?

She has the pedigree: The daughter of music producer and arranger Don Costa and the goddaughter of Frank Sinatra, she even sang with The Chairman at nine years old.

Is Nikka Costa married?

Justin Stanleym. 1992 Nikka Costa/Coniuge She is married to her songwriting partner and producer Justin Stanley. Nikka has released 7 full length albums, 4 as an adult (Butterfly Rocket (1996), Everybody Got Their Something (2001), can'tneverdidnothin' (2005) and Pebble to a Pearl (2008)) as well as one EP PRO★WHOA! (2011).

What nationality is Nikka Costa?

American Australian Nikka Costa/Nazionalità